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Mixtec or Aztec lip plugs, Mexico.

 ”In Mesoamerica the labret, or lip-plug, was a piece of jewelry worn only by noble males in Central Mexico. Inserted through a pierced hole in the lower lip, a labret qualified the wearer’s speech and breath as precious.”

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Frédéric de Woelmont : The Afar - Ethiopia (previously posted here)

The Afar, nomads and pastoralists, live in the “Afar triangle” (or Danakil) in the Horn of Africa, now straddling the territories of three countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. Breeders of goats, sheep, camels and cattle, the Afar also ensured once the caravan transportation on behalf of Yemeni merchants between the Ethiopian highlands and the Red Sea. Long Islamized (Sunni), they remain imbued with traditional animist beliefs and reminiscences of ancient Egypt.

[…] Initiated in November 2010, the Afar project is now coming close to its end. It has been a slow motion project made up of patience and impregnation. The photographer made four journeys, spending several months in immersion in the Afar community, sharing their life in the settlements. 

[…] According to the photographer, it is “an attempt at portraying the beauty and majesty, as well as preserving the memory of the Afar people and of this region of the world where human communities continue to live according to their ancient cultures and traditions in a pristine natural environment”. Bearing witness, helping understand and inspire action, if possible, but also presenting Africa through lenses radically different than the ‘evils’ (wars, epidemics, famines, poverty…) or some exotic and simplistic clichés through which she tends to be caricatured.

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Hopi shaman mask
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painted portrait of Alia Penner
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painted portrait of Alia Penner